Hey, I’m Tara, Lets Meet…

I’m a serial camel lover & communicator (“professionally” speaking), a writer of the Gift of Grief & Anxiety, a Mum to 4 kids (one Angel), doTERRA Wellness advocate & Co-Owner of CamelConnection.com ~ Come on over and let’s meet….

Live Encounters With Me…

I love to bring people’s awareness to the Healing Power of Camels & Mother Nature. Camel’s have this amazing ability to help people heal from trauma while having contact with them, I only know this, because it happens to me, and I share this healing through camel workshops and retreats. 

I also run workshops on Essential Oils for Camels.

Come have a looksie….

Read My Blog…

I articulate life’s happenings through my raw, relatable & uncensored writings, here on my blog which help hundreds of women come to terms with their own life’s happenings. This is your place to feel all the feels and remember the funny things about life. Welcome home!

Essential Oils

I’ve been a little selfish, I’ve been using oils for over 10 years and I’ve denied sharing them with you, but not now! For me oils spark a sense for self care, nurturing and of course a positive shift in wellness (and who doesn’t need that?). Basically, Essential Oils are apart of my everyday life and I’ll share everything I know with fellow plant & earth loving people, if that’s you, come on over and lets 'play’ with what mother earth gave us.