There wasn't a moment of me staring out a window contemplating life’s biggest decisions. 


There was no ‘dramatic’ moment when I decided I wouldn’t’ do it ever again. 

It was gradual. 

It was mostly unspoken, but through those gradual moments I’d made a commitment. 

You know how ‘they say’…”Never say Never….” Well….

I've started, now my 5th, MLM (multi level marketing) business with doTERRA Essential Oils.

My FIFTH MLM people! Does that say something… Yes it does!

Firstly, if you were like me and committed to never doing another MLM biz model again - welcome, you’re gunna love this. If you’re on the flip side and have never had any experience with a MLM you’re still in good company and will gain insight from what I’m about to say. 

To be honest, I used to always get this gut wrenching feeling in my stomach when talking to people about MLM’s, because some people have very strong opinions of them to the point that if they know someone is involved with one they’ll ‘de-friend’ you - which is great, because you don’t want those kinda people in your life anyhow, harsh, but true. Maybe they’ve had a bad experience in one or with someone in one, that does not make you (or me) that person’s issue. 

Now I gotta get this outta the way….

I really do not understand why people get so caught up in the “is this a pyramid scheme?'“ thing, because, hello…. Any workplace has the boss/CEO at the top of the ‘pyramid’ and it’s workers below. 

The beginning of my MLM Journey…

Like I said above, this (my doTERRA biz) is my 5th multi level marketing biz. 

I had to let this blog post ‘sit’ in my head for a while, because I kinda lost count of all the MLM business I’ve been in, but one thing is obvious, there’s something I like about the MLM biz models - and I know what it is…

I bet you’re edging to hear what MLM business I’ve tried and failed at? Let’s start right at the beginning when I was 14 - not even legal age.

I grew up in an Amway family - remember Amway…? When you say multi level marketing people say “Oh… The Amway pyramid scheme”. 

Amway, I believe, were/are definitely successful at what they did & changed many lives - I saw it with my own eyes. I have no idea if they’re still ‘alive’ or not….Okay just did a quick Google - looks like they’re still growing strong… Anyhow…

I grew up listening to all the Amway cassette tapes - remember cassette tapes? In these tapes successful Amway ‘Dimonds’ (top rank) spoke about their journey to financial freedom and how they got there. I remember a lot of those stories, very inspiring and the music to match - Eye of The Tiger! 

All the stories had one thing in common - the people gave attention to their desire more than their fear.

I saw my step-father try and fail with all things Amway, my opinion was he was just getting in his own way (even a 14 year could see that). I had made a decision, that I was going to be an Amway ‘Dimond’ before 21 years old (in other words a millionaire by 21) - yep, didn’t reach that, but the foundations & discipline that Amway gave me set me up for life. I became a personal development junkie. Reading 3-4 books a month on all things mindset and building business (still between the ages of 14 & 17). I understood the importance of keeping the mind active and on track with my hearts desires.

I’d never successfully pursued an Amway business, but found myself continuing on this path of discovery… There’s something I LOVED about the Multi Level Marketing biz model….

Between the ages of 18 (legal age) and 32 I found myself being a great candidate to fellow MLM people. I had drive, determination, understood mindset etc.

I’ve tried my hand in four other multi level marketing business from self development products to organic skin care. I was in search of something that spoke ‘me’ and wasn’t afraid to give things a go.

then I decided that the only way something will speak ‘me’ is if I created it. 

Tried my hand in Life Coaching off my own bat - loved it, but energetically draining, plus I was in a crisis of my own - a divorce - so didn’t have the energy to spare (alongside 2 kids under 3).

I’ve tried my biz hand in horse training. Card readings. Crystal healing & jewellery making. Social media marketing manger. Digital design. Video editing. Biz coaching (ironic). Full time travel blogger. Writer. Filming…. the list goes on.

All of these experience I do not regret for one moment, they all taught me very important lessons, gave me more experience and most of them were fun! But, the feeling of ‘failure’ does linger, not externally, but internally. 

I started to doubt myself, that I didn’t have a ‘calling’. 

I was getting analysis paralysis. 

I felt bound by my own self. Even though on the outside I was still pursuing dreams and ‘making things happen’ - the internal struggle was real. 

Then came my beloved and his 8 camels, then everything changed. 

Camel’s have this amazing ability to help you feel grounded. They are very grounded creatures. ‘Flight’ isn’t in their nature. They stand proud of ‘who they are’. And my favourite, they don’t give a shit what anyone thinks of them, but they love unconditionally regardless. 

6 years we’ve been running our camel business. It’s seen us through some good and very bad times. Challenges are abound - everywhere, but that helps me (us) grow. 

I have a deep love and connection with our camel business… for the camel. I know that the world’s people needs more ‘camel’ in their life and it’s my calling to teach/speak that.

But, running a service based business isn’t sustainable… 

If someone gets sick. Dies. Has a major accident. Hell, even gets the flu… Guess what, business stops too. 

And to be honest, that would be heartbreaking - as this is part of my purpose!

We’re a small company of two. I don’t want to manage staff. I don’t want to deal with big overheads (anymore). I want to LIVE out my sole (soul) purpose, despite how often that changes. 

What does this have to do with a MLM business….?

Well, theres are reason people are drawn to them, and why I am too and in particular to doTERRA biz model.

Firstly, it’s a business model that’s proven.

P R O V E N ! 

I can tell you, there is not a proven thing about our camel biz model, the only thing proven is our determination, creativity and mindset, but I was looking for more stability, something I could lean into and eventually take some damn time off!

The resistance is real. I’ve never been overly successful in a multi level marketing biz before… what’s the difference now…?

I had to have a strong heart to heart with myself and say “you gotta be fucking kidding me…? You’d rather work to the bone again and again and not follow an already proven business plan with a product you use everyday… what’s wrong with you girl…??!!!”

And that was it, few days later I gave into the Tara within and decided to give another MLM a go - taking the path of least resistance - which is Sooooooo unlike me (I like to reinvent everything)!

I was surprised that doTERRA ticked all the practical, logical & heart centred boxes for me: 65% customer retention rate kinda said something, not to mention the very generous compensation plan and outta this world support and leadership - and did i mention their amazing, healing, nurturing essential oils? A product I use every day! No brainer really. 

I’ve never quite seen a biz model like doTERRA not to mention the high success rates that weren’t bullshit!

Once I saw how doTERRA gives back through their foundation, in particular to help rescue underage girls from child sex slavery (the exact cause that I did a charity camel trek for back in 2014) I was hooked! in fact, it occurred to me that this was all the values we aimed for in our camel biz and life too.

Not to mention… the leadership & support of like-minded people (scarily like-minded - ha!) truly is a dream come true for me and is exactly what I asked for while journalling one fine morning in late 2018.

Some other MLM’s I’ve been in have been 110% NON transparent and encouraged you to do the same… 

Ever seen those ads like “How I retired and began to travel full time?”… then you have to enter your details (even phone number)… Then get called within a day. Truthfully it’s like being called by a telemarketer - you just never know what they’re going to try ‘sell’ you and I’ve had some even mess with me mind!


But this is not what doTERRA is about. Every advocate I’ve stalked have all openly said “I’m a doTERRA wellness advocate” so for me that speaks volumes about the company itself.

And… like my own camel company I’m in loooove.

So why did I commit to myself to never enter an MLM biz model again, then did…?

It’s all my own baggage. 

My thoughts. 

My feelings. 

My denial of opportunity. 

My denial of my own full potential.

All my own bullshit - Those really un-true things I’ve been telling myself.

For over two years now I’ve been looking at ways to simplify my biz & life.

I’ve been looking for more sustainability and it’s getting there with our camel biz, but I want it quicker so I can make a bigger impact in this world - I wanna give away my time, money & energy more (to others, but especially to my own family). 

I’ve always known freedom to look like more time with family, doing important philanthropy ventures and less time trading time for dollars. 

Most women feel this way - right!?

Over the past few years of loosing our son Noah (3 days old) and my brother Corey (32yo) I’ve learnt that life is to be enjoyed as much as possible and to make the biggest positive impact that you can.

The way our newborn son, Noah, impacted not just our lives, but many other friends, family even strangers was mind blowing. We all have that power. The only thing in our own way is ourselves. 

I believe that wholehearted, because I’ve felt the pain of ‘loosing’ in life and the only way out is through it, finding the specs of joy, so they begin to multiply.

The most important questions I’ve had to ask myself is….

“What brings you joy…?” 

For me it’s my family (fury ones included), quality time with loved ones, giving generously, serving others in a heart centred way & having all the support I need in order to help others in my life & biz.


What brings you joy…? 

It does take time to figure out the ‘how’ to follow your joy, but once you try the ‘joy boots’ on for size it will begin to multiply.

Life is too damn short not to follow your joy! 

The things that light you up - reality speaking if you’re ‘lit up’ it will inspire other therefore they become ‘lit up’ too - win win!

I used to hate that phase, “life is too short”…. until I lost family to physical death at young ages. Then I began to understand it. 

I’m going to openly say - as I’d hate for you to miss the opportunity if you wanted to learn more - if you wanna learn more about doTERRA essential oils even the biz aspect, start here on my website, I’d be honoured to journey this with you.

If this post has inspired you to take action on something that’s been on your mind for a while now, that you inwardly know will bring you joy - take that first step, even if it’s a baby step - do it!

If you want more 'camel action’, you can visit our Camel Connection website here and consider joining one of our live events - I love meeting fellow camel lovers!

So that’s me and my biz journey so far.

Tell me about yours and any takeaways you got form this post! Leave a comment below, or connect with me on social.

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