My biggest regret in running a business

I’m just gunna come right out and say it, if you’re a business owner or you have an idea for a business or you simply know that you don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job any longer, then consider me as your friend. Like any good friend would tell you about any good product and service. As a friend would if you are feeling stuck, unsure on direction I would want to fly to your rescue. It’s in my personality. You’ve gotta problem - I wanna help fix it, give a solution, hell even give you the answer! 

I resisted recommending things to you for a long time - mainly because I’d be paid a “commission” for recommendations. Then I realised that I’m doing you wrong - I’m sorry! 

One thing I know for sure, and if you’re anything like me you “wonder” what some business owners ‘do’ in order to make things work, I have a few hidden treasures in my Tool Kit of growing a business on and offline. There are some things that have had made a MAJOR impact and that I wished I had done sooner - the struggle is real!

This one thing that I’m about to shout at you - if you’re a person who wants to grow your business to heights still unknown to yourself or you simply want to ‘start’ a business and just don’t know where to ‘start’ - is an amazing program that I denied myself the pleasure of doing and completing for about…. I dunno…A ridiculous….. 4 years.

I think of all the places I could have been by now!

Anyho….dispite my great regret for not doing this incredibly amazing program sooner rather than latter, I also regret not telling others about it (expect  bragging to Russell on how much our business has grown because of this ‘program’).

Being an entrepreneur/business owner feels lonely sometimes, and truth be it, I don’t have enough fellow entrepreneur/business owner friends to brag about our business with. The other truth is that, well, I’m a bit of a hippy, which can make life and business feel a lot more lonely. If there’s an “alternative” way to do something - I’ll be doing it (or have done it). Sometimes this has served me in great manners, other times I should have just NOT re-invented the wheel.

This personality trait of mine can be a dis-service to me, and maybe you can relate…..?

I think (sub-conciously - Obv!) that I HAVE to do things the harder, more challenging way in business (ha! sometimes life too), or otherwise how will ever be a REAL business owner and entrepreneur…?

I’ve read enough books to know that building a business, wealth and life that you love the shit outta, takes HARD fucking work, but what I didn’t realise, until now, that when reading those books I was, in fact, taking on other people’s baggage of ‘taking the hard path’ when in fact in most of the books what they were really trying to say is “Hey, I didn’t know better. I chose the hard path. It was my mindset that got me here or there…” Well, HELLO SUNSHINE!

As you know, our culture REWARDS hard work. Rewards it! I’m a little confused though, because our culture also rewards WEALTH…. Hhhhmmmmm…… It’s no wonder we’re all confused (and struggling to pay bills)! Yet the enternpuers that I have secret crushes on are business owners and are wealthy - not just financially either. 

I know, I know, don’t believe everything you read, but one of my super powers is that I can see right through non-transpacey, my BS radar does not allow for anything less. So I know bullshit (BS) when I see it - even on instagram!

So these entenupuers that I have crushes don’t endorse ‘hard work’, as we know it (hard one to believe if you’re a workaholic - or recovering - like me), but rather endorse commitment. They encourage rest & play (remember those things exists outside of work?) and of course following your true ‘calling’ or purpose (and that can/will change as you grow).

So now I know, with social proof, that business is possible without running yourself into the ground, but you gotta be committed, with a smart actionable plan AND from someone who has grown a business and pullin' a profit.

Like I said I denied myself this very simple investment and I truly believe, and learnt a hard lesson, that I could have been a lot further ahead if I had said “yes” in the first place. 

Let me tell you, Marie Forleo’s B-School is truly a game changer of business owners, wanna be business owners, entrepreneurial minded people…. I ONLY know this because, hello, that’s me! 

Maybe you’ve seen some of Marie’s work, maybe you’re like “what the feck is Tara talking about?” either way, I must say that I’ve personally had a girl crush on Marie for around 8 years (and signed up for her B-School 3 years ago < insert regret >).

As a friend, I hope you trust me enough to learn that you need to do B-School  if you own a business, want to start one, even if you have no idea what you want to do, but wanna get outta the rat race, then NOW IS THE TIME!

You’ve heard my regrets of not doing it soon enough etc etc… So, learn from my ‘hard path’ and get your butt over to her free biz trainings to help you get a clear vision for your future. 

At the end of the free trainings Marie will offer her full blown, amazing, total return on investment B-School program and if you sign up through me here, with this link, your helpful friend giving a helping hand, I will get a commission for it (full transparency here).

So go through the free training, join my private Facebook page HERE so we can talk, mind boggle, brag, have fun and get this biz of yours where you dream it to be in your life without selling your soul. You won’t regret THIS!

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