My main man died. My guru. My greatest lesson of love. Here’s how he impacted me

My main man died last week. My guru. My love. My greatest lesson of love. Here’s how he impacted me at a soul level. 

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My first soul to soul connection to a camel happened back in 2012. It was completely unexpected (as was meeting camels in the first place)

It was a dark desert night, the moon was new. We spent the day walking through the desert as we listened to the tinkering of the camel’s bells. The camp fire was the only beacon of light in the desert. Over a sand dune it disappears completely. 

Just beyond the flicker of the campfire sat the camels. Tethered to trees & shrubs which they would feed on all night as we [the humans] lay close in our swags listening to the gentle chewing of their cud.

I ambled over to the heard of sleepy camels, without intention to give them instructions, but rather, just to ‘be one’ with them, for now at least. 

As a kid I always found simply being in the presence of an animal can tell you a lot more about ‘who they are’ than any explanatory book.

I was new to camels. Like only weeks new. I needed to get to know them, least did I know they already knew me!

It was calm amongst the herd of camels. Barely a noise at all, except for the calmness of their cud chewing. 

I stood amongst them for a short while, closed my eyes and gave it all up... Surrendered.

Surrendered the past, present & future for no reason at all, but to allow the desert to perform its magic that happens when all human resistance subsides. 

Intuitively I walked up to a camel, from a dark distance I couldn’t tell who it was. I was simply drawn. As I got closer I realised it was Syhid. The trusted elder amongst our herd of camels (and humans). The fire keeper. The gentlest camel of all, in mind, body & spirit.

I began to stoke his neck, without any intention of invading his space and ‘his’ time.

Long, soft strokes down his extended neck in the direction of his fur. He instantly felt the calm I was offering - THE offering. My offering to him. My namaste to him. He gently lowered his head to the soft fine sand on the desert floor. 

I sat beside him. Offering my openness to him. I want to know him & understand him. Syhid already understood me.

As I sat on his folded leg and nestled into his shoulder I felt an overwhelming sense of peace come over me. It felt like magic. 

I sat with him, open to what I could experience in this very unique time and moment. I instantly began to appreciate the uniqueness of this moment and offered it ALL to the wider universe as I thought of all other humans beings that might need this moment too. 

Then, I felt tears steaming down my face. For no apparent reason. I felt happy. Fulfilled. No problems or life choices haunted my mind. I felt LOVE for the first time in a long time, and it touched me deeply & soulfully. I loved this love & it loved me back so unconditionally & without held intentions. 

God, Goddess, The Universe, Divine, Allah.... LOVE was all present. Offering this gift that is available to all of us.

This is what Syhid meant (means) to me. He taught me love, again, and this particular memory is nestled in my mind, in a quiet corner with a campfire light guiding the way for whenever I need to remember love again. 

Syhid’s body has left this physical earth, but he is not dead to me.

He generously offered me this gift through a soul to soul connection. It had my name engraved all over it and this lives on deep in my soul, and when I need reminders of what love truly is, I remember this.

My main man. My guru. My love.

The gentlest of the gentle giants. 


(Arabic name meaning Gentleman - how fitting!)


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