There’s a running joke in my family every time I buy new essential oil I justify it by saying “they’re ESSENTIAL to life…”

The truth is, that I feel exactly this way. 

Every. Single. Day I’m using essential oils. 

250x Essential Oils.png

In fact you’ll know, if you’ve meet me in person, been with me on any of our camel adventures (because really, this is the only time I leave the house - sorta joking), you will have more than likely have been presented with one of my oils or seen me using them. I just can’t help it!

If you’ve entered my house you would have smelt one of two things: essential oils being diffused or rotten apples behind the couch (thanks kids), or…both… Ah…mother/biz hood!

But it’s not all about smell, although smell has a lot to do with how we remember things and how we feel - again the rotten apple thing (I bet you’re squirming?).

And…It’s not all about any ol’ essential oils (hello synthetics). 

In my life I have a habit of researching the pants off anything that I’m about to try. Yes, I’m a headache in the supermarkets (just ask my beloved)!

So here you find me, I’ve done the hard work and made sure that the Essential Oils that I’m using are 110% super dooper fantastically great!

What does this mean in normal langue (side note: if you haven’t noticed yet, I’m an Aussie, which means I talk… ‘funny’… please feel free to use the Aussie slang dictionary as a reference).

It means that not Essential Oils are created equal. I feel like that is boring to say, let me say it again, don’t buy cheap imitation oils. Just don’t. Do your homework.

Now I cannot speak for other oils (well I can, because I’ve used them - that’s another story), but let me tell you what I know about the doTERRA Essential Oils that I use.

Yeah, but what do you do with Essential Oils…?

Over 10 years me and my fam bam (aka family) have been using Essential Oils for so many things, here’s a glimpse….

Mumma got a headache…. oil me up, leave me alone and “be quiet”.

Anxiety is peeking it’s head out….. “give me all the oils!”

Child has a tummy ache….. “belly rub with oils” time

Mumma has a ‘freaking out/melting down’ child…. Mumma yells at husband “quick! get those fu*king oils now!”

Hubby has a sore back from not listening to wife…. Someone gets an oil rub (while simultaneously ranting about how ‘someone’ should have listen…)

Furry family with wounds & ails…… Rushes to oils

Camel communicator (aka me) want’s to be camel kissed more than usual…. Applies oils

Biz manager (also me) needs a brain break….. stands over the essential oil diffuser and inhales mind magic.

Something is ‘going around’ (colds/flus/gastro)…… Starts defusing oils 24/7 like MOFO

In fact, like my Thermomix (yes another ‘trend’ I’m part of), there’s not a day that goes by where I’m not using Essential Oils.

This is not a trend people, it’s a way of life!

I could miserably live without my Thermomix, but I certainly could not live without Essential Oils, if the apocalypse happens while I’m alive, I’ll be learning to make the damn things myself!

3 ways to use essential oils….


I don’t feel like I need to convince you of mother natures best medicine - her plants - otherwise you wouldn’t be here…. 

You already know that nature can offer some great healing modalities.

For me it’s so easy for me to understand Essential Oils, because it comes from nature, it’s a plant extract, it’s a no-brainer! I’ve always been drawn to nature based things… You…? 

If you really want the low-down, here’s an extract from the doTERRA site:

…These naturally occurring, volatile aromatic compounds are found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant. Essential oils give plants their distinctive smells, essential oils protect plants and play a role in plant pollination. In addition to their intrinsic benefits to plants and their beautiful fragrance, essential oils have long been used for food preparation, beauty treatment, and health-care practices.”

If you wanna get all nerd-ed out on specifics, read this (secretly I always wanted to be a scientist - I like nerd-ing out!) 

For me, opening up and smelling, applying and defusing Essential Oils is like heaven on a stick - in this case a bottle. If heaven had a smell, then most Essential Oils (excluding Aniseed) would cut it I recon! 

Me…Before doTERRA Essential Oils….

I was using another brand (Young Living - full transparency), which is also high quality, but never pursued the business opportunity, it simply did not feel aligned and very weirdly enough I felt that all the leaders where at least 30 years older than me, probably not true in real life, but one thing was for certain, there was zero attraction. For me, it’s really important that I find the right fitting people. I want to be 100% aligned.

To be honest, I’d been stalking doTERRA for few years now. I watched them (not closely, but in the foreground), I wondered (like most) if it was a ‘rip off scheme’ claiming to be all this and that’, plus they were a new company and I was already using essential oils… How different could they really be?

Then, I asked a friend, “So…why do you use doTERRA Essential Oils rather than Young Living or other brands….?” She simply said “I dunno, because I felt aligned…” 

WHAM! She said it!  ~ ALIGNED ~

I Googled doTERRA, again watching in the background. Then noticed more of my friends were getting involved…. I watched this “cult” (jokes) form, meanwhile still buying and using Young Living oils…

Fast forward to 3 years later Sarah Wilder form The Fifth Element Life announced that she’s closing her (awesome) Jewellery Store & focusing on doTERRA Essential Oils - “wow” I thought, that must be something?

Meanwhile, me & my beloved are narrowing in on our camel business so we’re not constantly over-worked (and, believe it or not, under paid), stressed outta our brains trying to be every[camel]thing to everyone, plus parenting a special needs child and 2 other children, not to mention the camel farm.


I tried the whole body hacking things… Turns out I was just ran down.

I strongly told Sarah this… “I’m only interested in the product at the moment, the business idea is a long way off for me, but doTERRA ticks every box…”


I had to have a strong heart to heart with myself and say “you gotta be fucking kidding me…? You’d rather work to the bone again and again and not follow an already proven business plan with a product you use everyday… what’s wrong with you girl…??!!!”

And that was it, few days later I gave into the Tara within and decided to give it a go - taking the path of least resistance - that is Sooooooo unlike me! 

doTERRA ticked all the practical and logical boxes: 65% customer retention rate kinda said something, not to mention the very generous composition plan and outta this world support and leadership.

Side note: I’ve been involved with four other MLM (Multi Level Marketing) business models, never quite seen one like doTERRA not to mention the high success rates!

Once I saw how doTERRA gives back through their foundation, in particular to help rescue underage girls from child sex slavery (the exact cause that I did a charity camel trek for back in 2014) I was hooked! in fact, it kinda occurred to me that this was all the values we aimed for in our camel biz and life.

Not to mention… the leadership & support of like-minded people (scarily like-minded - ha!) truly is a dream come true for me. 

So that’s me! 

Now, what about you, fellow oily friend (assuming you have some interest since you’ve read this far)…?

Wanna oil up with me…?

How To START your journey with oils….

The best way to order these oils (and the only way I recommend people to do it) is to become a doTERRA member so you can get WHOLESALE prices (that 25% off retail)

Why be a doterra member?

  • You’ll get 25% off retail prices

  • It’s like being a Costco member – you get the oils at wholesale prices

  • You’ll get free oils (they are pretty generous with their bonus gifts!)

  • You DON’T need to order every month… (until you become addicted like the rest of us!)

  • Close to 70% of people re-order because they love the products so much!

  • It’s more cost-effective to buy as a member even if you only buy two oils a year!

As a member, it’s a better deal for you. This is what I recommend!


On the biz aspect…

What I’m in search for is to work with women who want to change their lives from the inside out. 

The tired, overworked, under-paid, wild women who adore mother earth, natures medicines and kale chips ( < not mandatory).

The thing is that I’m a leader. I always want to show people how they can reach their full potential in health, wellness & life goals.

If you’re “TIRED” in general and can’t really explain why, I’m so hearing you!

I hope you trust me enough that when I say “you deserve so much bloody better” that you believe me, and know it to be true within yourself too. 

So, you’ve read the oily ramblings this far….

What do you, fellow oily friend, want to do now….?

Do you wanna buy some oils at wholesale price & learn how to use and enjoy them?

Great! You can order through here - I can arrange that for you! 

Click below to get your doTERRA oils at wholesale price/get members benefits

Did I sound all too convincing of the biz opportunity and you wanna oil up and biz up?

You’re in the perfect place (like I said, I’m a leader). Lets have a casual chat about it, see if we’re a good fit for each other and gossip oils!

Click below to have a chat with me.