Hey, it’s Tara, Let’s Meet….

I’m a serial camel lover & communicator (“professionally” speaking), a writer of the Gift of Grief & Anxiety, a Mum to 4 kids (one Angel) & all oiled up (Essential Oils that is).

I articulate life’s happenings through my raw, uncensored writings, here on my blog, which help hundreds of women come to terms with their life’s happenings.

Regarding camels - you’ve probably figured out, I’m REALLY into them! I own a herd of camels and I’ve kinda ‘collected’ them over the past years. They do become addictive. The camel’s gentle nature and offers of unconditional love lure you in like a good love spell and I’ve been hooked ever since 2012.

I co-own a company, Camel Connection, with my beloved, which makes me a cameleer - aka Camel Handler, but I like to go a bit beyond that and say that I’m a ‘camel communicator’ as choose to with work with camels, not have camels work for me.

I love to bring people’s awareness to the Healing Power of Camels, they have this amazing ability to help people heal from trauma while having contact with them, I only know this, because it happens to me, and I share this healing through camel workshops and retreats.

I co-host our ever popular Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® courses and clinics, that my beloved (Russell) and I co-create. We help to give (alongside with the camels themselves) a camel training & handling experience that is like a spiritual practice, with not only practical elements, but deep heart to heart connections with the amazing camels that thrive off connection.

My “healing modalities” that I share with the world (aka you) are camel and plant medicine - Essential Oils.

Don’t believe me? Hang around long enough and you’ll be convinced too. I’ve been using camels for healing since 2012 and plant medicine (aka Essential Oils) since 2008.

Now, about you….

I’m here to help you articulate (aka make sense of) your life’s happenings and help you deal with any anxieties (disorder or not) and life’s curve balls that get thrown at you.

I’m also here as your wild woman leader, if you want it. I offer this through my Essential Oils biz and of course, through my writings here.

I write/talk a lot about The Gifts of Grief, because I had to learn to love the pain of loosing my son, Noah, at 3 days old, then my bother 5 months after at only 32 years old.

I help you to listen to life’s messages, the internal & external ones.

What does this mean….? The thing is that LIFE happens to us all, but the difference between the good, bad and indifferent isn’t ignoring our true feelings, it’s about embracing them and listening to the messages that they bring.

I will help you embrace ALL your feelings. I’m not the captain of positivity, although I understand it’s importance, I’m like a good friend who ‘says it like it is’ - apparently it’s an undeniable “strength” that I have. In other words, I’ll never bullshit you (and I do swear when I get passionate about things).

I know you don’t need more ‘positive thinking’ strategies, you can Google that shit, what I’m here for, is your WHOLE being.

You can bring all you feelings to the table here: Depression, anxiety, grief, uncontrollable joy, tears, frustration etc…

Here is your place of retreat. Your time-out to read, listen, watch, that life can be a shit storm, but we can still learn how to dance.

You deserve a life with so much expansion and of course deep belly laughs.

Welcome home!

How Camels came into my life…

DSC_6388-HR copy.jpg

Life Coach turned Cameleer and company owner, it’s really my 4 children (one Angel child), life partner Russell and 15 odd camels that create a deep surge of inspiration, creativity and growth that fuel my writings here, my co-owned company, my Charity Camel Trek endeavours & my passion for plant medicine (Essential Oils).

I stand for compassion towards humans, camels, mother earth, people doing what they LOVE not what they SHOULD be doing, crunchy kale chips and down time.

The camels are really the stars of the show, they are my humble and honest friends that will always walk by my side – I’m not a big fan of riding (birthing children. broken tailbone. Nuff said.)

I met my first few camels (and Camelman – Russell) in 2012, originally coming from the horse industry as a Natural Horsemanship trainer, camels were never in my life plan – ever! 

As the story goes, I feel in love with camels and then fell in love with Russell (in that particular order)!

As a keen naturalists (not that kind) I immersed myself into learning about how a camel thinks (completely different to a horse, incase you’re wondering) camel handling, training and how to bonding and connect with them.  

I’m the founder the Charity Camel Trek. To date (2014 & 2016), the Charity Camel Treks have raised over $22,000 for non-for-profit organisations close to heart: Child Sex Slavery rescue raids & Cuddle Cot - giving the gift of time to bereaved parents who are suffering baby/infant loss.

My ‘day Job’ consists of mothering – human and camels (first and foremost), teaching others the Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® method with Russell, mentoring camel owners, writing to you here, using/sharing essential oils standing in front or behind a camera, throwing out To Do Lists because it’s all too overwhelming and helping spread information about the amazing camel through our camel blog, podcast & YouTube channel.

I’ve been featured in/on….

Marie Claire, Australia (Issue No.207)

Channel 7 (my ‘camel kids’ were on TV, Little Big Shots)

ABC, Compass Program (Spiritual Camel Trek)

That’s Life! Magazine (February 7th 2019)

What Next…

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