If you’ve clicked here before reading my Start Here essential oils intro, really, Start Here or none of this will make sense (don’t worry, you’ll get back here)

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Firstly, I gotta say…How preeeettty are the essential oils…? Don’t you just want to hold one and use one?

Now I got that outta the way, lets talk about the elephant in the room - MLM. Yes, being in biz as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate means you’ll be in a Multi Level Marketing biz model.

I really do not understand why people get so caught up in the “is this a pyramid scheme?'“ thing, because, hello…. Any workplace has the boss/CEO at the top of the ‘pyramid’ and it’s workers below.

What I think the doTERRA biz model is all about is….

  1. No one is telling you what to do (MAJOR win!), but you got a shitload of support when you need it.

  2. You can work in and on your own time

  3. It’s a proven biz model (don’t have to reinvent or invent anything)

  4. The more clever you are the more you get paid (and you are clever, I know, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, reading this)

  5. The more you improve on yourself the more you get paid

  6. You get what you give

  7. Amazing products at wholesale price that you’ll want to brag to everyone about

  8. Oh, and with doTERRA you’re helping fund all charity (philanthropy) causes that help others less fortunate than us - WIN WIN WIN

doTERRA is my 5th MLM biz, I’ll share more on my past experiences later, but my point is that I’ve never quite seen anything like this.

Here are some major PROS to becoming a doTERRA Wellness Advocate….

  • ONLY 4.5 million customers world wide

  • A record breaking …. wait for it… 65% retention rate (that one blew me outta the water)

  • In only 7 years doTERRA reach a billion dollar company (impressive!)

  • Largest Essential Oil company in the world

  • Okay I love this bit…doTERRA are debt free (no outside funding either)

  • Every purchase of oils changes the lives & community of the plant growers

  • The leadership and support is really, really, really great!

  • And of course… you get all oils at wholesale price and depending on your growth, your oils can be paid for!

Some links to investigate - if you’re anything like me and want ‘dig deep’ and make sure I’m not making all this up:


Not to mention the health benefits that people gain from using the oils!

Every doTERRA oil user has a different story on how the oils have impacted their life. I shared how I use oils in my everyday life on this page, in case you missed it here are how me & my fam use oils everyday…

Mumma got a headache…. oil me up, leave me alone and “be quiet”.

Anxiety is peeking it’s head out….. “give me all the oils!”

Child has a tummy ache….. “belly rub with oils” time

Mumma has a ‘freaking out/melting down’ child…. Mumma yells at husband “quick! get those fu*king oils now!”

Hubby has a sore back from not listening to wife…. Someone gets an oil rub (while simultaneously ranting about how ‘someone’ should have listen…)

Furry family with wounds & ails…… Rushes to oils

Camel communicator (aka me) want’s to be camel kissed more than usual…. Applies oils

Biz manager (also me) needs a brain break….. stands over the essential oil diffuser and inhales mind magic.

Something is ‘going around’ (colds/flus/gastro)…… Starts defusing oils 24/7 like MOFO

There are sooooo many uses for essential oils and your journey will be different to mine.

Are you ready to jump into this oily journey…?

Whether you want to supplement your income or replace it, or you just want your obsession with oils paid for - we have a place for you amongst the community of doTERRA.

Let’s have a chat, to see if we’re a good fit and talk all things oils and doing what you LOVE not what you SHOULD be doing - let the fun times begin!

In the meantime, and I know you wanna (because I did), if you just can’t wait to hear about the income opportunities check these out: