If you’ve clicked here before reading my Start Here essential oils intro, really, Start Here or none of this will make sense (don’t worry, you’ll get back here)

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Oiling Up ~ Ordering Your Essential Oils…

You wanna get 25% off the retail price of doTERRA essential oils?

You’re in the right place, I’m actually stoked you’re here - like-minded people are a rare find!

If you’re not so good with ‘technology’, it’d be best to email me directly so I can arrange a time to get you setup.

If you tolerate technology well you can follow the steps below to get signed up (biggest point is don’t forget to enter my ID# 7119171 and verify my name, otherwise you won’t be part of my oily friends tribe - and we won’t get to gossip oils!)

Read This in full….

If you have any questions/trouble email me at: tara@taralea.com.au

Step-by-step ordering instructions! (for the technology tolerant):


  1. Visit www.mydoterra.com/taralealife

  2. Click Join and Save

  3. Choose your country/language

  4. Click ‘Local’

  5. Choose Wholesale Customer (this is the best deal for you). There is NO obligation to order for either option and you can always change your mind and upgrade to an advocate down the track!)

  6. Enter personal information

  7. At *Enroller ID*, enter my number: 7119171 (or copy n paste)

  8. Then click verify (it should then show you my name – Tara Lea)

  9. Set a password

  10. Click to next page

From Here, select the product you want to purchase…

I highly recommend  to start with the Home Essentials Kit. You’ll use these oils and the diffuser every day - trust me! doTERRA will also waiver the membership (fee $35), you’ll save a bucket load $$$.


Side Note: If you’re wanting to build a doTERRA business for yourself, I highly recommend buying a bigger enrolment kit as you’ll save so much more (and really is a cheap ‘start-up cost’). My biggest regret is not ordering the Diamond Kit for myself when starting out as you can’t go back and buy it later and get the same rewards & discounts.

Next Steps….

  1. Select Kit OR you will have to choose the Enrolment/Welcome pack first if you aren’t purchasing a kit. Then select individual oils.

  2. Click View Totals

  3. Enter your Credit Card details and process

  4. Yay! In the not to distant future the coolest little purple box you ever did see will be making it’s way into your hands. Check your emails for delivery dates & your personal doTERRA account details.

If you get stuck, email me (or find me out on social media)!

You’ll hear from me soon after you place your first order so we can oil up & share our journeys.

***If you’re wanting to join the biz train with me and earn $$$ from tell people about your oils then clicky here.